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Positive Parenting Resources from Nicole Schwarz, Imperfect Families

The best positive parenting books for imperfect families

Parenting is hard, but there are books and resources to help you parent with confidence! Check this list to find the best positive parenting books for your situation – anger, anxiety, siblings, toddlers, teens, friendships and more.  Reading, researching, and exploring ways to improve your parenting is a great goal.

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One simple phrase may eliminate tattling in your house.

A simple phrase to eliminate tattling.

“Mom! Sam won’t turn off the water in the bathroom!” “Mom! Sarah took my iPod without asking…and now she won’t give it back!” “Mom, Mom, MOM!” Like nails on a chalkboard, most parents have come to dread the sound of a child tattling. It seems so needy, so desperate. Why can’t

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A radically different way to respond when your child is aggressive or acts out.

Aggressive Kids: Positive Discipline for Amazing Results

Learn how shame impacts the behavior of aggressive kids. These positive parenting tips will help you get to the root of the problem and begin to free your child from negative self-talk, anger, and acting out. The meticulously created Lego creation smashes against the wall and shatters into a hundred

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You know your acting out, melting down child needs your attention, but what about the siblings? How do you support your kids when their siblings struggle with big emotions?

It’s not fair, and that’s ok. Supporting your children when a sibling is struggling.

The tantrum has been in full force for at least 20 minutes and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While you’re doing your best to manage the situation, you glance over and see two sets of wide eyes peering at you from across the room. You’re torn.

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Is sibling rivalry driving you nuts? Tired of the arguing? Your response matters. Learn how you may be causing sibling rivalry (and how to stop!)

10 Ways to Reduce Sibling Rivalry in Your Home

Your daughter crawls over and takes your son’s toy car. He freaks out. Grabbing the car back from the baby. She starts to cry. You swoop in to intervene. Cradling her while you glare at your son, you say, “She’s just a baby. She doesn’t know better.” Setting your daughter

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Just Tell Me What to Do: A Guide for Parents

Why do the meltdowns always happen at night? I’m exhausted. I’m off the clock. I’m done with this parenting gig for today. Don’t my kids know that? All I want to do is stare mindlessly TV. And I’m not talking about Daniel Tiger or Ninjago. My child is screaming. I

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A Surprising Solution to Sibling Fighting

  Your kids are fighting. Again. You can hear them in the living room arguing over the remote. Or the iPad. Or whatever. “Work it out guys!” you yell from the other room. The arguing continues. And in a matter of seconds, you hear screaming. They are obviously not  working

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Learn how to love your child even when they are throwing a tantrum or arguing. Do's and Don'ts of loving past your child's behavior.

Love Past the Behavior

Your kids are curled up on the couch reading their new library books. No one is bickering. The silence is amazing. Your heart fills with love as you admire their sweet, innocent faces. Fast forward ten minutes. A fight breaks out over who has more of the blanket. You rush

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Teaching Your Child to Respectfully Disagree

“This is so unfair!” Your daughter screams. Feeling frustrated, you respond, “Life’s not fair, get used to it.” She runs to her room and slams the door. Leaving yet another disagreement unresolved. Not to mention, everyone is feeling tense and disconnected. You encourage your kids to be independent,  critical thinkers.

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Timeouts not working for your child? Not sure what else to try? Here are 7 alternatives to time out that encourage positive parenting and respectful discipline for kids of all ages.

7 Alternatives to Using Time Out

Wondering what to do instead of timeouts? Here are 7 positive discipline alternatives to time out you can use starting today! You know all of the “rules” for a timeout. The chair, the timer, the number of minutes per age. It seems like you’re constantly putting your child in time

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