10 Tips to Get Your Kids Talking

If you're struggling to get your kids to open up, check out these 10 tips to get your kids talking!

It’s not always easy to get your kids talking. Check out my guest post on Your Modern Family to learn 10 tips to get your kids to open up!

Another day. Another silent drive home from school. “How was your day?” was met with grunts and shrugs. Any further attempts at conversation are met with ear buds and eye rolls.

Family dinner is supposed to be a bonding activity, a time to check in and connect. Instead, it’s full of arguing over the last piece of pizza and debating who’s in charge of loading the dishwasher tonight.

Toddlers and preschoolers can talk non-stop. Constantly wondering about the world and a desire to share every little detail with the parent they adore. But, as kids grow, communication becomes more challenging.

With the monotony of the school day and the natural shift of placing more importance on peers, families can grow apart…almost forgetting how to talk to each other!

If your family is stuck in a communication rut or not sure what to say, here are some tips to get you back on track.

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