101 Ways to Say “I Love You”

101 ways to tell your child "I love you!" Use the 5 love languages to speak in a way that makes your child feel most loved!

Saying, “I love you” is nice, but do you feel like your children are wanting more?

How can you be sure that each of your children is feeling loved?

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, Author of the 5 Love Languages of Children, there are 5 ways each of us can experience love.

The 5 love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.

Each of your children may have a different primary love language, and each child may be a mix of all five!  If you are unsure which love language is primary for your child, you can take a love language assessment.

101 Ways to “say” I love you:

Words of Affirmation

  1. “You got an “A” on your math test!”
  2. “Your studying really paid off”
  3. “That shirt looks nice on you.”
  4. “Thank you for washing your hands.”
  5. “You picked up all of the books!”
  6. “You piano piece is sounding better every day.”
  7. “That was a really funny joke!”
  8. “Look, you made the baby smile!”
  9. “Your room looks great.”
  10. “I noticed you took out the trash, thanks.”
  11. “Thank you for including Sophie in your game.”
  12. “You were a big help this afternoon!”
  13. “That took a lot of courage.”
  14. “Finishing that puzzle took patience.”
  15. “You are painting the square pink.”
  16. “Thank you for hanging up your coat.”
  17. “It looks like you really took your time on this.”
  18. “That shows responsibility”
  19. Leave a note under their bedroom door
  20. Put notes in their lunch box or backpack

Quality Time

  1. Bike ride
  2. Walk
  3. Make a fort out of blankets
  4. Read together
  5. Bake cookies
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Take a class together
  8. Do an art project
  9. Play a board game
  10. Get ice cream
  11. Interview each other
  12. Cook dinner
  13. Do each others hair or nails
  14. Have a tea party
  15. Build with legos
  16. Dance
  17. Go fishing
  18. Tell silly jokes
  19. Request that your child tag-along on errands
  20. Schedule one-on-one time each day

Receiving Gifts

  1. Small piece of candy
  2. Stickers
  3. A card
  4. Hair bows
  5. Surprise snack in their lunch
  6. Something that was yours, when you were a kid (baseball mitt, barbie, etc.)
  7. Something that is yours now (purse, keychain, etc.)
  8. Picture of the two of you together
  9. Fancy pen
  10. Paper airplane with a note
  11. Shiny stone
  12. Their favorite cereal
  13. Something small with their initial
  14. Bookmark
  15. A flower from the garden
  16. Necklace
  17. Shoelaces
  18. Origami swan
  19. Decorated “welcome home” sign
  20. Anything in fancy gift wrapping

Acts of Service

  1. Make their bed (*If this is a daily chore, surprise them by doing it for them once in a while)
  2. Unload the dishwasher*
  3. Walk the dog*
  4. Put laundry away*
  5. Clean their room*
  6. Empty the trash*
  7. Clear the table*
  8. Make a special snack
  9. Serve breakfast in bed
  10. Help with a project
  11. Fix or repair broken toys
  12. Ask, “do you need help?”
  13. Assist with a big job
  14. Offer to help with studying
  15. Help tie shoes or zip coat
  16. Push on a swing
  17. Allow this child to help with projects or repairs
  18. Occasionally give extra time before bed
  19. Offer additional support during times of stress
  20. Do Random Acts of Kindness together

Physical Touch

  1. Hug
  2. Wrestle
  3. Dance
  4. Pat on the back
  5. Hold hands
  6. Eskimo kiss
  7. Snuggle
  8. Tossle their hair
  9. Paint nails
  10. Back rub
  11. Foot massage
  12. Brush their hair
  13. Pick them up when talking to each other
  14. Carry them
  15. Gently touch when walking by
  16. Put your hands on their shoulders when talking to each other
  17. Lay or sit together while reading
  18. “Write” letters or shapes on their back and have them guess
  19. Let them sit on your lap
  20. Provide extra snuggling when they are sad, hurt or worried

101…Look them in the eye, smile, and say, “I love you!”

What would you add?   What makes your child feel loved?

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