Anxiety: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Anxiety: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Anxiety is a master at making us run away from our fears.   It’s like the wrong side of a magnet, the closer we get, the more we try to push away.

It’s no surprise, really.   No one wants to feel uncomfortable.   We don’t want to sweat or panic or forget our lines or fail.   It’s way easier to hide behind feelings of worry, fear and anxiety.

If you or your child struggle with anxiety, it may be time to change your direction.   Instead of running away from your fears…maybe it’s time to face them head -on.

Yeah, but, what if?

I can hear the excuses already: “what if I fail?” “what if people laugh?” “what if I throw up?”

Anxiety is also a master distract-er.   It can shift your focus from the benefits of facing your fear to the risks.   And, it will make the risks look extremely dangerous and scary.

The truth is, there is always some degree of risk to any decision.   The trick is learning to analyze the risks and come to a realistic conclusion.   If the risks are small – or even if they are large, but not devastating or dangerous – it might be time to act.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

What’s in it for you?

Anxiety thrives on uncertainty.   The more you stay on the fence, the larger the feelings of worry, fear and anxiety grow.   The more you avoid, the harder it will be to move forward.

When you act, even though you are afraid, you take away the power from anxiety.   You minimize it’s impact on your life.   You realize that anxiety has been exaggerating the consequences and inflating the risks.   You feel more in control and less controlled.

There is freedom from fear when you act.

Does it sounds too simple?

We all struggle with different levels of anxiety.   In some situations, it really is as simple as making a choice to act instead of run away from a feared situation.   Other times, it is helpful to learn coping and calming skills first before making this leap.

There is no right or wrong way to face anxiety.   Maybe that means you meet with a mental health professional, talk to your doctor, seek advice from a pastor or read a self-help book. The important thing is to take a step toward dealing with your anxiety, rather than continuing to hide behind it.

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What are you avoiding because of fear? How would your life look different if you faced anxiety head-on? What is standing in your way?

Do you wish you could make some changes in how you parent, but are worried that you will fail? Parent Coaching may be a great fit for you.   Together we will discuss strategies that are tailor-made for your family.   I will walk with you as you make changes, to provide support and encouragement.   You do not have to parent alone.   Contact me for a free no-obligation phone consultation to see if Parent Coaching is right for you.

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