High energy ideas for low energy moms

Your child needs high-energy attention from you, but you're a low-energy mom. Here are some ideas for giving your kids the attention they need!

Your child is starting to meltdown.  You can see the tantrum coming like a runaway train.

“It looks like you need a hug!” You say, getting down to their level.

“NO!” Your child backs away.

“Well, then it looks like you might need a RUNNING hug!!” You reply, energetically.

You back up and put out your arms, encouraging them to run across the room.

Once they’re in your arms, you pick them up and swing them around a few times.

You’ve reconnected with your child.  You’ve avoided a meltdown.  And, you’ve met their sensory needs.

Encouragement for Low Energy Moms.

Maybe you’re a quiet, calm and reserved person. Maybe being silly or goofy with your kids is uncomfortable for you. Or maybe you’d prefer your kids sit quietly and read instead of running wildly around the house.

That’s ok.

You don’t need to become someone you are not or pretend that you love loud, chaotic situations.

However, it’s important that you know your child. Sometimes when your child is arguing, throwing a tantrum, or jumping on the couch, it is their way of saying, “Hey mom! Engage with me! Match my energy level. Give me some high-energy attention!”

If you realize that your child may be needing a little high energy attention, it is important to find ways that you can fill this void for them in a way that works for you. (Even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.)

Again, this might not come easy, so here are some ideas to get you started:

High Energy Attention Ideas

  • Play moving games like hide and seek or tag
  • Give them a piggy back ride
  • Hold them upside down and have them walk on their hands (wheelbarrow style)
  • Do a silly dance together
  • Spin around and fall down
  • Wrestle
  • Make something up…my kids love when I’m holding them but I act like I can’t find them. 🙂

If your child is 100 pounds or you are limited physically, be creative.

  • Make up a game “Hop on your right foot,” then call out, “Left foot! Right foot! Left foot!”
  • Give them a “bear hug” with deep pressure
  • Purchase a small trampoline or put a small mattress on the floor for jumping
  • Play “HORSE” with balled-up socks and a laundry basket

And…don’t think this is just limited to little kids. Even big kids might need to wrestle, participate in an impromptu dance party or a silly cheer as they work on some challenging homework. Know your kids and be creative!

Give it a try!

You don’t have to totally change who you are to give your kids some high-energy attention, but you may have to put a little extra effort into the interaction.

Once you find a few things that work for your kids, you can use them next time they seem to be searching for an energetic response from you.

If you notice your child seems to be a little bit “off” or they are using their muscles in a not-so-great way, such as hitting or kicking, try increasing your own energy level.

You may be surprised how well your child responds!

Are you thinking, “I can’t do this”?

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns can impact your ability to give your kids high-energy attention. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to seek support from a mental health professional. They can help you work through your thoughts and feelings so you can be present for your kids.

Or, if you just need a little encouragement and support as you try to increase your energy level with your kids, Parent Coaching may be right for you! We’ll talk through your reservations and find solutions that fit with your personality and meet your kids’ need for attention and connection.

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