How to help your anxious child: a guide for parents

Tips for helping you parent a worried or anxious child! Help them learn calming skills, how to cope with transition and much more!

The bedtime battles. The doctor’s office meltdowns. The tears.

Parenting a child with anxiety can be hard.  You wish you could wave a magic wand and make all of their worries disappear.

There is hope!

Use these posts to help you parent your child through their worries, teach a variety of coping skills, and explore your own anxiety.

Parenting a  Child with Anxiety

If your child struggles with worries or anxiety, you know how heartbreaking it can be to watch them struggle. You may feel helpless, unsure how to help. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay calm and patient when they are stuck in a difficult pattern of worry and can’t seem to move forward.

Many parents rescue their anxious child instead of helping them deal with the feeling until it fades. Learn how to support your child using the "anxiety arch" explanation

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Teach Coping Skills

One of the best ways to help your child cope with feelings of anxiety is by providing them with a variety of coping and calming skills. Some ideas may work great for your child, and others may not help at all. Practice these skills when your child is calm so they know how to use it when they are feeling worried.

Instead of telling your kids to "calm down," teach them how to take a deep breath using these 5 simple tips!

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Anxiety about Transitions

Some children flow easily from one season to another, from one activity to the next. Other children need more support as they make these transitions. Start talking about changes early, plan ahead. Work on calming skills and practice often.

Equip your child to handle school challenges - bullies, teasing, unfair grades, and more - without overreacting or solving the problem for them!

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Working on Your Own Anxiety

Anxiety runs in families, so if your child is anxious, there is a chance you struggle with worry as well. Working on your own anxiety will help you be a strong support for your child. Acknowledging your own anxiety is a great first step.  Next, build your own list of coping skills or seek support from a mental health professional.

Have you been lying to yourself? Are you struggling to keep up with the messages you send to yourself on a daily basis? Rephrase these thoughts into imperfect parenting truths!

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Anxiety: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

If anxiety seems to be running your house, it may be time to seek support from a mental health professional. This person can teach your child about their anxiety and teach them strategies and techniques for overcoming their worries.

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