Helping Your Child Through Disappointment

Helping Your Child Through Disappointment.

My most recent guest post on Positive Parenting Connection is about helping our kids through disappointment (and tips for managing our own reactions too!)

The van is packed, and you’re about ready to head out the door. Suddenly, you hear thunder in the distance. No! It can’t be! You checked the weather, and it wasn’t supposed to rain for a few more hours. But minutes later, the rain is pouring down outside.

Three children stare at you. “When are we going to the beach, mom?”

Bracing yourself, you cautiously say, “Well…it’s raining…we can’t go to the beach today.”

In an instant, one child is crying and flopping around on the ground; another child is throwing things, kicking you and yelling; and a third is pouting, staring out the window.

Three disappointed kids.

Now what?

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