How to Reduce Sibling Rivalry: A Parent’s Guide

They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies…they are siblings. Managing sibling rivalry can feel like a full-time job! Here are some helpful tips for managing sibling jealousy, sharing, competition among siblings and much more.

Tired of kids bickering, fighting, and arguing? Use this guide to reduce sibling rivalry in your home.

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You’re starting to wonder if it’s possible to have a car ride without an argument in the backseat.

Or a meal at the table.

Or anything, really.

Sibling rivalry has taken over your house, and it’s driving you crazy.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of sibling rivalry in your home.


Tips To Reduce Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry can happen at any age. For some families, it’s the day the baby enters the home. In other situations, it’s as soon as the baby starts to walk. But in other families, sibling rivalry starts when one sibling passes the other up on the soccer field or in the spelling bee. Suddenly, a relationship that was working well is now filled with jealousy and arguments. Here are some general tips to help you manage sibling rivalry at any age.

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See Each Sibling as a Unique Individual

One of the best ways to reduce sibling rivalry is by giving each child your undivided, uninterrupted, unrushed attention on a regular basis. When we see each of our kids as unique individuals, there is less need to compete with their siblings. The more often we spend this time with them, the more they trust that we have enough love, time, attention, energy to go around – there is plenty for everyone! (Which means less fighting with their siblings!)

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Strengthen Sibling Bonds

Another effective way to reduce sibling rivalry is by strengthening the connection between the kids themselves. These games focus on building relationships in a fun and positive way, rather than always focusing on their negative interactions.

Creating a “Team” Mindset in Your Home

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Create Family Patterns that Discourage Sibling Rivalry

Finally, if you’re serious about tackling sibling rivalry head-on, it might be time to look at your own reactions and responses when siblings start to fight. When you take the time to look for patterns, you may realize there are areas you can tweak or change to build stronger relationships among all family members.

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Online Parent Coaching is Available

If the sibling rivalry in your home is beyond what you can manage alone, schedule an Online Parent Coaching session. We will sit down and talk through your challenges, become curious about what each sibling needs, and find solutions that will ease the tension and build connection in your family. Schedule a session today!

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