Supporting Your Child Through Social Drama

Supporting Your Child Through Social Drama.

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“Kelsey wanted to play house at recess, but Fiona wanted to play tag.” My first grade daughter is talking a mile a minute about the drama that unfolded at recess today.

“Fiona said that anyone who plays house is a baby. I kinda wanted to play tag and I kinda wanted to play house, but I went with Fiona because I didn’t want to be called a baby.”

Her expression saddened, “Now Kelsey said she won’t be my friend anymore.”

I couldn’t believe it. She is only in first grade, and there is already social pressure and drama among groups of kids at school.

Like many parents, my first instinct is to jump in and solve the problem. I hate seeing my children sad or uncomfortable. I hate to think that they may be bullied or picked on when I’m not there to protect them.

Unfortunately, solving the problem for them puts them at a disadvantage. It leaves our kids unprepared to navigate the crazy and unpredictable world of social drama when we’re not around.

Read on to learn  4 steps to help your child through social drama.

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