How to persevere through parenting challenges

How to parent through the hard times. Is your child struggling with anger, anxiety, tantrums, meltdowns, or other challenging behaviors? Sometimes it feels like there's no end in sight. Here's some encouragement.


I sat in the room with my daughter as she screamed.

She was WAY overtired and beyond comforting. I scanned my brain for any tidbit of parenting advice that I’d forgotten. Any other way to get through to her in that moment.

Only one word came to mind: Persevere.


Persevere is not my favorite word, and I bet you don’t like it either.  Most of us would rather choose: give up, give in, do it later, ignore or  blame someone else.  It’s way easier.

But, as parents, we are often required to persevere.

We actually have to stick with our children as they learn to manage frustrations, struggle with friendships, prioritize homework, and become responsible with their belongings.

We have to sit with them as they tantrum about going to bed, refuse to get into their car seat, balk at the sight of veggies, and say we’re the “meanest mom ever.”

It is not easy.  And sometimes, we feel that things will never change.  We feel like throwing in the towel.

How to Persevere

Most parenting challenges go away with time. Our kids get older, more mature, and become better communicators.

I wish I could tell you it’s “just a stage,” but honestly, in your situation, it might be more than a stage. It might be a chronic illness, a mental health disorder, or a challenging life circumstance.

If you are feeling overwhelmed  today, I want to encourage you to hang in there!

Take a deep breath.

Stop and think about your next steps.

What do you need to keep on persevering?

  • Do you need to reach out for a friend for support?
  • Do you need to get a book from the library dealing with your child’s struggles?
  • Do you and your child need to go do something fun together?
  • Do you think it is time to seek counseling for yourself or your child?
  • Do you need a break, some time to take care of yourself?

Pick one thing that you need to do so you can parent well through this challenging time.  Then, act on it – schedule an appointment, call a friend, find a babysitter, stop at the bookstore, etc.

Offer Support

Do you have a friend who may be struggling with her children? Have your kids overcome a challenge, but her kids are still in the thick of it? Reach out!

Without judgment or criticism, offer support through a note, a cup of coffee or a listening ear. Let her know that there is an end in sight.

Encourage her to persevere! To all of you parents sitting with your kids as they work through some big emotions: Know that you are not alone.

To all of you parents sitting with your kids as they work through some big emotions: Know that you are not alone.

Somewhere another parent is doing the same, difficult, exhausting work with their child.

And someday, when you make it through, you can use this experience to encourage another parent to persevere.

How can I help you?

Persevere is not the most encouraging parenting advice ever. And, while I can’t wave a magic wand and make everything go away, I would like to walk with you through this difficult journey. Learn more about online Parent Coaching and schedule your first session today.

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