The Ultimate Holiday Stress Survival Guide for Parents

If you're feeling overwhelmed as the holidays approach, use this ultimate guide to holiday stress to help you focus, plan, and parent well.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Or so the song says.

But you know better. You know that there are crowded malls. Burned cookies. And overwhelmed children.

If you’re feeling frustrated already, hang in there! It is possible to keep the joy in the season

These posts will help you stay focused on what’s important, plan ahead for tricky situations, and help your children cope with the chaos of the holiday season.

The holidays are stressful. Instead of expecting your kids to have more self-regulation, step in and help them manage the stress using these 3 tips.

Helping your child self-regulate during the holidays

10 tips to help you have a respectful conversation about positive parenting









10 Tips for a Respectful Conversation About Positive Parenting

One tip for managing and coping with the stress of the Christmas holiday.

Holiday Stress Survival Guide Tip #1: Breathe

Christmas is a time of unmet expectations, of stress and feeling overwhelmed. It doesn't have to be that way this year! Use these tips to set reasonable expectations and enjoy the season!

H0liday Stress Survival Guide Tip #2: Set Reasonable Expectations

Help your kids be thankful for their gifts, take responsibility, and keep the excitement all year long using these suggestions for setting post-gift expectations in advance.

Holiday Stress Survival Guide Tip #3: Manage Post-Gift Letdown

Use these tips to manage stress and parent well through the holiday season!

Don’t Cancel Christmas! 5 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress

Do you feel like your life is not exactly Christmas-card perfect right now? Give a few of these tips a try!

How to Avoid Christmas Card Envy

While the whole world is ringing bells and singing, you are struggling. Here's how to cope when the holidays are not merry and bright.

How to Cope when the Holidays are Not Merry and Bright

"Mom, I have to be good, Santa's watching me!" Suddenly I remembered why I hate Santa.

Why I Hate Santa

Merry Christmas from Imperfect Families!

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