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Don’t Cancel Christmas! 5 Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress

It’s a miracle that the tree is actually still standing. Between the impromptu pillow fight in the living room and your toddler’s never-ending interest in rearranging the ornaments, it’s still in pretty good shape. Still, you have your doubts that it will last until Christmas. Unfortunately, the tree is only

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How to Avoid Christmas Card Envy

  I have yet to get a good picture of my 3 kids together. Ever. And it’s not for lack of trying. Every year, I piece together something that resembles a Christmas card and send it along to my friends and family. Soon, my mailbox is bursting with pictures of

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Is it time for your parenting to grow up?

You  focus so much on milestones when your kids are babies. Are they walking yet? Talking in complete sentences? Using the potty? After the toddler years, you stop tracking milestones. And unfortunately, many people stop changing the way they parent. Suddenly, you’re having huge battles with your grade school age

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Just breathe…

Breathing is a powerful yet often underestimated part of staying calm. When we become anxious, worried, upset or frustrated, our breathing changes.   Instead of deep, cleansing breaths, we begin to take short, quick breaths. These short breaths tell our brain that we’re in danger! It starts to ramp our

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How to transform a stressful routine without losing your mind

  Two weeks before school starts again and I’m already planning my schedule. I’m going to get so much done! I’m going to get up early and exercise before the kids wake up, we’re going to have everything done the night before so we can eat a leisurely breakfast instead

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Parenting regrets? It's not too late to make a change. Start over, starting today!

Parenting Regrets? It’s not too late to make a change.

“I’d like to do things differently, but my kids are almost teenagers, it’s too late to make a difference.” “You can’t believe the things I’ve done – I’ve yelled, spanked, even swore at my kids – I’ll never be able to change.” Sometimes, our own thinking keeps us trapped. We

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