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Tips to help you reduce competition between siblings

How to reduce competition between siblings

Anything can turn into a competition between your kids. Who has the tallest french fry. Who has the most homework. Who brushed their teeth more efficiently. Seriously. Nothing is off limits for those two. And, no matter how hard you try to tell them “it doesn’t matter who has the

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Ease the sibling rivalry in your house by talking about these 10 rules for sharing!

Sharing toys with siblings: How to stop the arguments

Sharing does not come naturally to some kids…which means you’re constantly dealing with arguments about “who’s turn it is” and “who had it first.” Rather than forcing them to give up their favorite toy or engaging in a power struggle, use these 10 “sharing rules” to help your kids practice

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What to do when kids get aggressive, a guide for parents by Nicole Schwarz, parent coach

When Kids Get Aggressive: A Guide For Parents

Parenting a child who hits, kicks, bites, or hurts others can feel overwhelming and confusing.  This guide will give you an overview of how to support your child when they are aggressive, and help them learn how to manage their big feelings without aggression. “How can we get our 5-year-old

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Waiting for your child to mature emotionally can be exhausting, here are some tips.

Waiting for Emotional Maturity: A Reminder for Parents

Feeling frustrated because your child seems “too old” for certain behavior? This post will encourage you as you wait for them to mature emotionally. Thank you to April Finley for this guest post. Read more about her in the bio below! When my firstborn was between five and six years

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Everything you need to know about parenting toddlers and preschoolers.

How to absolutely love parenting toddlers (everything you need to know and more!)

The toddler and preschool years can be exhausting and overwhelming, but don’t believe the hype – parenting toddlers doesn’t have to be terrible! In fact, you can even enjoy this stage. (It’s true!) Use these tips to help you discipline, manage tantrums, avoid power struggles and parent your toddler with

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Be ready next time your child is aggressive, anxious, or struggling with big emotions, Use these tips to create a plan in advance so you will be ready to support your child.

How to prepare for your child’s next high-intensity meltdown

How to Prepare for Your Intense Child’s Next Meltdown Glancing at the clock, you mentally cross your fingers. You’re parenting alone tonight and your energy is running low. It would be great if your child made it to bedtime without a meltdown. For your sake. For your other children’s sake.

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Parenting advice gets murky. Instead of looking for the "one" solution, let's look at truths about children in general.

9 Parenting Truths That Apply To All Children

Parenting advice can get a little murky. If you Google your specific parenting problem, there’s a chance that you’ll find more than one answer. And, there’s a good chance that those answers will slightly (or completely) contradict. Instead of zooming in and searching for the “one” right solution. Let’s look

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How to Reduce Sibling Rivalry: A Parent’s Guide

They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies…they are siblings. Managing sibling rivalry can feel like a full-time job! Here are some helpful tips for managing sibling jealousy, sharing, competition among siblings and much more. You’re starting to wonder if it’s possible to have a car ride

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5 Hidden messages in your intense child's words. How to respond when your child says, "I hate you" or "I can't calm down!" and more!

5 hidden messages in your intense child’s words (and how to respond)

The kicking on the back of your seat is getting more intense. “That’s enough!” you say, glancing at the grimacing face in the back seat. “You can’t make me!” she responds, kicking harder now. Your muscles tense. You hold your breath. You want to scream, “Oh, I can too make

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Sometimes the newborn phase is a breeze compared to when your baby starts moving. Help your older child cope with this transition!

Helping Your Older Child Cope When Their Sibling Becomes Mobile

You’ve read the books. You bought the “I’m a big brother” t-shirt. You have a basket of fun activities for him to do while you’re nursing. You’re prepared to smooth the transition from singleton to sibling once you arrive home from the hospital. But, a few weeks in, you feel

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