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Changing the Definition of “Fair” in Your Family

In our house, fair doesn’t mean “equal,” fair means “getting what you need.” My youngest daughter had access to a cell phone years before our older daughter. Despite the fact that this is potentially “unfair,” there was no fighting, no sense of injustice, and no demand for equality. How was

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Timeouts not working for your child? Not sure what else to try? Here are 7 alternatives to time out that encourage positive parenting and respectful discipline for kids of all ages.

Anxious Child? Teach them to be Bossy with Worries

      Your daughter is the one who tells the younger siblings how to play “correctly” with their Barbies. Your son can stand firmly against your decision, presenting the numerous reasons that you are wrong and he is right. Yet, when it comes to worries, these kids crumble.  

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