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How to Help When your Kids are Bored

The thought of seeing your kids draped lifelessly over the couch cushions, saying those dreaded words, “I’m bored,” is enough to make any parent panic. You know what comes next…whining, sibling fighting, following you around the house demanding that you find something fun for them to play. It won’t matter

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The Power of a Story: Helping Your Child Overcome Fears

  Children who struggle with worry or anxiety often have a negative “worry script” playing in their head. Help your children overcome fears by creating a new positive script! Jordan shuffled slowly to the front of the classroom.   His shoulders were hunched, his stomach was in knots and his

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Beyond “Take a Deep Breath”: Helping Your Anxious Child Practice Calming Strategies at Home

Your son is worried again. He doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow. He says he thinks he’s getting sick. You’ve been here before. You feel helpless and overwhelmed, not sure how to help your anxious child. You encourage him to “take a deep breath,” but he refuses, saying “it

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How to Teach Your Child to Take a Deep Breath

If you have a child who struggles with anxiety, anger or impatience, you are probably very familiar with the phrases: “calm down” and “take a deep breath.” Even though you’re not convinced that those phrases really work, you continue to say them because you don’t know what else to say.

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Timeouts not working for your child? Not sure what else to try? Here are 7 alternatives to time out that encourage positive parenting and respectful discipline for kids of all ages.

Anxious Child? Teach them to be Bossy with Worries

      Your daughter is the one who tells the younger siblings how to play “correctly” with their Barbies. Your son can stand firmly against your decision, presenting the numerous reasons that you are wrong and he is right. Yet, when it comes to worries, these kids crumble.  

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Anger is a Feeling Too!

Many parents try to send their children the message, “Whatever emotion you feel is ok.” However, when their child expresses anger, parents often send a different message – anger is NOT ok. “Stop that!   Calm down! That’s enough!” We don’t mean to send our kids mixed messages. Unfortunately, anger

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Help Your Child Manage Back to School Anxiety

Some kids squeal with excitement about of the start of the new school year – new backpacks, sharp crayons, picking out the first day of school outfit. Other kids refuse to admit that the day is coming, they choose to soak up every last drop of summer before turning their

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Instead of forcing your child to say "I'm sorry" help them understand how to make a heartfelt apology.

Beyond “I’m Sorry:” Teach Your Child To Apologize

You heard the smack from the kitchen. Followed by wailing. Entering the room, you demand, “Tell your sister you’re sorry.” “Soorrry.” It reeks with sarcasm. “Say ‘sorry’ like you mean it,” you prompt again. “I’m not sorry!” he yells back. What?! How dare he say that. Teaching your child to

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7 Ways to Help Your Anxious Child

Once again, your child is refusing to go to bed because there might be a spider in their room. You’ve checked every corner of the room – no spiders. You’ve reassured him that there probably won’t be a spider. Finally, you run out of options and allow him to sleep

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