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Don't you wish your kids would just listen? Why does everything turn into a power struggle? This positive parenting tip will help you set firm limits, while still treating your kids with respect. Read sample scripts and learn more about how to eliminate power struggles in your hIf you're tired of the power struggles with your kids, it's time to try something new. Learn how to use positive parenting to set firm limits in your house.

What You Need to Know About Setting Limits Without A Power Struggle

Turning off the Ipad, getting dressed, taking out the trash…if power struggles are a daily occurrence in your home, it’s time to try something new. These step-by-step scripts will help you use positive parenting when setting limits (they even with strong-willed kids!). Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids just

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Tired of hearing your child respond with disrespect? Try these tips!

How to Respond When Your Child is Disrespectful

The playdate is over. It is time to head home. You gave a 5-minute warning.  You expect everything to go well. Suddenly, it happens. Your child responds disrespectfully. “No! I don’t want to go! You never let me do anything fun!” You feel the anger rising inside you. You yell

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How to Help Your Cautious Child Feel Confident

  *This post is part of the Raising Resilient Children series, which features advice from Mental Health Professionals. Find tips for helping your children remain strong through life’s  challenges, manage anxiety and overcome stress.   Rose and Katie are playing on the swing set. Rose runs up the slide and

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This one response can change the mood in your house immediately! If your child has been acting out, yelling, screaming, or having tantrums and meltdowns!, give this response a try

The Absolute Best Way to Respond when Your Child’s Acting Out

  To say that it’s been a long day would be putting it mildly. The power-struggles have been endless. The whining has been constant. And, of course, there was the “I’m-not-leaving-the-store-without-a-toy” meltdown in aisle 9. No matter what you do, it seems that your child’s main goal is to make

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Lessons learned after my daughter's very public meltdown.

5 Things I Learned After My Daughter’s (Very Public) Meltdown

We knew there was a storm brewing from the moment my daughter woke up. Crabby isn’t the right word. We’ll call it “off,” just not right. It was a walking on eggshells kind of day. Still, we had errands to run, so we headed out to the mall, hoping things

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How to Help Your Aggressive Toddler or Preschooler

At preschool pickup, the teacher pulls you aside. She has some concerns about your child’s behavior. She reminds you that there is a zero tolerance policy for biting and aggressive acts like kicking and hitting may result in suspension. You’re a little shocked to hear the news, but you know

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Loving Your Anxious Child

Another day, another fear. Spiders, making a mistake on a math test, wearing the wrong socks. If you live with a child who suffers from anxiety, you know this all too well. Some days it feels exhausting. Some days you feel like yelling, “IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL! GET OVER

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Helping Your Child Through Disappointment

My most recent guest post on Positive Parenting Connection is about helping our kids through disappointment (and tips for managing our own reactions too!) The van is packed, and you’re about ready to head out the door. Suddenly, you hear thunder in the distance. No! It can’t be! You checked

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High energy ideas for low energy moms

Your child is starting to meltdown.  You can see the tantrum coming like a runaway train. “It looks like you need a hug!” You say, getting down to their level. “NO!” Your child backs away. “Well, then it looks like you might need a RUNNING hug!!” You reply, energetically. You

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Learn how to parent well even if you struggle with anxiety.

How to break the cycle of anxiety in your family

You call out to your toddler who is scrambling up the jungle gym, “Be careful, honey! Watch out!” He decides it is too scary to climb and decides to go to the sandbox instead. You check your teen’s grades online and realize there is missing work, “Don’t you have math

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