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It's not easy to stay calm when your child is upset. Here are some tips to help you listen well.

How to support your upset child

Saying “calm down” when your child is crying or angry never works. Thankfully, there are ways you can support your upset child even when they are experiencing big feelings. Print these listening tips so you can reference them in the heat of the moment! The volcano has exploded. The floodgates are

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Positive Parenting: Handling Back Talk

The following is an excerpt from Rebecca Eanes’ new book, The Positive Parenting Workbook. This inspiring and inviting guide walks readers through the process of charting a new path toward greater emotional awareness, clear communication, and joyful parenting! Filled with encouraging prompts and plenty of room to record your progress,

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Three words your children are longing to hear. Learn more and get practical tips here.

3 Words Your Child is Longing to Hear

The second I walk in the door, she’s on my heels. Showing me a thousand pictures, talking non-stop about her day, balancing on one foot, then the other. If I’m distracted, she might mix things up a little. Pulling on my sweater, singing at the top of her lungs, or

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Tired of trying to convince your 9-year-old to take a shower? Give these tips a try!

What to do when your child refuses to take a shower.

I’m not sure you saw the memo. I’m pretty sure it is delivered to all kids somewhere around age 9. Just in case you missed it, I’ll summarize: “Showers are bad. Stay dirty. Resist!” Yep. The child who could spend hours in the bathtub suddenly has a lack of affection

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Catch your child lying? 8 Tips That Will Promote Honesty

Tired of your child lying, your kids stretching the truth, or hearing them make up stories you know aren’t even close to accurate? It’s natural to want a tried-and-true consequence that will end lying forever. But, there’s usually more to the behavior than just the lies, use these tips to

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Tired of hearing arguments and complaints from your kids? Use these 5 tips to restore peace in your home.

The best way to deal with an argumentative child

The daily battles and the power struggles are getting old. Why can’t you just ask them to do something without hearing complaints and groans? Learn how to deal with an argumentative child using positive, respectful strategies that will bring peace back to home. “Please hang up your backpack” seems like

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Tired of your kids avoiding responsibility? Here are 3 reasons why, and how to respond.

How to encourage your kids to be responsible for their actions

You’d like your kids to admit their faults and be honest about their mistakes, but all they do is shift the blame and point the finger at other people. Learn three reasons why children avoid taking responsibility and how to teach your kids to be responsible for their actions. The

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How to respond in “non-negotiable” parenting situations

It’s time for my daughter to go to bed. It’s late. I’m tired. She’s tired. But of course, she’s also not completely on board with the “going to bed” plan. As a 3-year-old, she has definitely become more independent. Things she used to do without a second thought are now

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Angry outbursts. Meltdowns. Tantrums. It can be confusing. Use these questions to help you understand your child's behavior.

Finding Clarity When You’re Baffled By Your Child’s Behavior

Oatmeal. That’s what started it. You added raisins instead of blueberries and she was off like a rocket. All attempts to diffuse the meltdown were useless. It’s calm now (though you feel like you were run over by a truck). Taking some deep breaths you wonder… What just happened here?

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It's frustrating when empathy doesn't seem to help your child calm down. Try these 5 tips instead!

Empathy didn’t work. What do I do now?

  “You seem pretty upset about my decision.” His eyes glare at you. Moving in to provide comfort, he swats you away yelling, “leave me alone!” You’re confused, hurt, and getting more upset by the minute. We’re told that empathy is the best response. The “magic bullet” of parenting techniques.

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