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10 Things Every Child Needs to Know About Thoughts and Feelings

Your daughter slams her backpack on the table and rustles through the fridge for a snack. You know something’s not right, but when you ask, she responds with, “Nothing.” Ugh. Why can’t she just tell you what’s going on? Unfortunately, thoughts and feelings can be complicated. They can leave your

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You can be in control,, set limits and boundaries for your kids without yelling. Here are some tips!

How to Be a Confident Parent Without Yelling at Your Kids

What do the neighbors think? If they only knew the begging, pleading, and negotiating that goes on in your home. Maybe they’d understand why yelling is the ONLY way your kids do what you ask. You’ve tried being the “nice mom” who doesn’t yell, and no matter how hard you tried,

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5 Hidden messages in your intense child's words. How to respond when your child says, "I hate you" or "I can't calm down!" and more!

5 hidden messages in your intense child’s words (and how to respond)

The kicking on the back of your seat is getting more intense. “That’s enough!” you say, glancing at the grimacing face in the back seat. “You can’t make me!” she responds, kicking harder now. Your muscles tense. You hold your breath. You want to scream, “Oh, I can too make

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One simple phrase may eliminate tattling in your house.

A simple phrase to eliminate tattling.

“Mom! Sam won’t turn off the water in the bathroom!” “Mom! Sarah took my iPod without asking…and now she won’t give it back!” “Mom, Mom, MOM!” Like nails on a chalkboard, most parents have come to dread the sound of a child tattling. It seems so needy, so desperate. Why can’t

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Empower your anxious or angry child by teaching them about their brain using this simple script!

What anxious and angry kids need to know about their brain

“Settle down,” you say above the screaming. It sounds more like a threat than a caring suggestion. “I don’t know how!” your child jeers back. You shake your head, sighing. How many times do you need to remind her to take a deep breath when she’s upset? Obviously, something’s missing

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Wondering what to DO instead of timeouts and grounding, try these 9 alternatives!

9 Positive Parenting Alternatives to Time Outs & Grounding

The concept of positive parenting has many parents feeling baffled. There’s no strict manual. No “if this, then that” list of appropriate consequences. Even parents who are on board with skipping time outs or grounding scratch their heads and ask, “What do I DO instead?” Positive parenting doesn’t always call

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Not sure what to say or do when your kid is acting out or melting down? Try asking yourself this question.

Maybe this is the question parents should be asking.

I was so upset. I didn’t have a choice. The decision was made and it caught me off guard. Suddenly I was in fight-or-filght mode. I was angry! I texted a friend about the situation: “I didn’t even have a say! This was decided for me…no one even asked how

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a simple visualization to change the way you respond to your kids

A simple visualization that will dramatically change the way you respond to your kids

It’s a lazy Saturday. One of those rare weekends when you have nothing planned. Your kids have been parked in front of the TV all morning. It’s a beautiful day, so you innocently announce, “Alright, guys! Time to turn the TV off and go outside!” Suddenly, they snap out of

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Kids off school for summer vacation? Use these tips from moms who've been there to make your summer break a success!

Moms share their secrets to a successful summer break

School’s out for summer! Which means summer break is here. (If it’s not, it will be here soon.) Have you started panicking yet? Or are you organized and calm, ready to embrace the chaos? As a work-from-home mom, my days are about to get complicated. So, I turned to you

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Is sibling rivalry driving you nuts? Tired of the arguing? Your response matters. Learn how you may be causing sibling rivalry (and how to stop!)

10 Ways to Reduce Sibling Rivalry in Your Home

Your daughter crawls over and takes your son’s toy car. He freaks out. Grabbing the car back from the baby. She starts to cry. You swoop in to intervene. Cradling her while you glare at your son, you say, “She’s just a baby. She doesn’t know better.” Setting your daughter

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