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Parenting teenagers can be tricky, simplify by staying focused on the relationship

Parents of Teens: Keep Your Focus on the Relationship

Parents and teenagers. Seems like a disaster in the making. Teens are going through a period of uncertainty and radical growth and change. They are struggling to find their own identity and make their own decisions; while still wanting to be the little child, babied by their parents. Parents are

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101 Ways to Say “I Love You”

Saying, “I love you” is nice, but do you feel like your children are wanting more? How can you be sure that each of your children is feeling loved? According to Dr. Gary Chapman, Author of the 5 Love Languages of Children, there are 5 ways each of us can

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Stop thinking for your kids! Empower your child to be a critical thinker and problem-solver using these tips.

Help Your Child Become A Critical Thinker and Problem Solver

You’re SO tired of reminding your daughter to feed the dog. Every day. The reminders. The nagging. The same argument.  And, to make matters worse, you usually end up feeding the dog! You wish she would just take some responsibility; figure out a way to remember. To just do it

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Your teen wants you to feel heard, understood, and loved. Learn how to improve the communication with your tween or teen by improving your listening skills!

Bridging the Gap: Improving Communication with your Teen

Sitting with a teenage client and her family in my therapy office, she declares: “My parents just don’t understand!” Digging a little deeper, I ask, “What would help you feel like they understood you?” She snaps back, “If they would just listen to me!” On the defense, her mom responds,

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50 ways to say "good job" without saying "good job" (plus a free printable!)

50 Ways to Say “Good Job” (Without Saying “Good Job”)

There was a time when parents were told to praise their child’s every move as a way of building their self-esteem.  Not knowing exactly how to do this, many parents resorted to the phrase “good job.” This generic phrase has long lost its motivating incentive. Unfortunately, many parents and teachers

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Sometimes kids ask for attention and sometimes their requests are more quiet. Here are some ways to respond (even when you're busy!)

How to respond when your child says, “Mom, Can We Talk?”

Sometimes, it’s the simplest words that are the most important. “I’m going to throw up.” “The kitchen is on fire.” “Mom, can we talk?” They are important, significant, meaningful words. While you would probably immediately respond to the first two statements, the third is often overlooked, minimized, or ignored. You

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Instead of forcing your child to say "I'm sorry" help them understand how to make a heartfelt apology.

Beyond “I’m Sorry:” Teach Your Child To Apologize

You heard the smack from the kitchen. Followed by wailing. Entering the room, you demand, “Tell your sister you’re sorry.” “Soorrry.” It reeks with sarcasm. “Say ‘sorry’ like you mean it,” you prompt again. “I’m not sorry!” he yells back. What?! How dare he say that. Teaching your child to

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