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Improve the communication in your home

Try this “Magic Ratio” With Your Kids Today

Is the communication in your home full of complaints, arguments, and whining? Chances are the “magic ratio” is off. Use these tips to bring some peace and calm to your family. After another extremely frustrating day battling his son about everything from screentime to bedtime, a parent sat down with

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How to cope with parenting burnout

How to Cope with Parenting Burnout

If you’re feeling exhausted, tired, and overwhelmed, you’re not alone! Many parents experience burnout – especially after parenting through a pandemic. Use these tips to cope with burnout, and enjoy your kid again! Do you ever feel like you just cannot do it anymore? The lunchbox packing. The teeth brushing.

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Waiting for your child to mature emotionally can be exhausting, here are some tips.

Waiting for Emotional Maturity: A Reminder for Parents

Feeling frustrated because your child seems “too old” for certain behavior? This post will encourage you as you wait for them to mature emotionally. Thank you to April Finley for this guest post. Read more about her in the bio below! When my firstborn was between five and six years

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Help your kids develop a healthy relationship with screens, social media and video games.

Kids and Screens: How to Build Healthy Habits and Keep Your Relationship Strong

Tired of the constant fights about screentime? Not sure how to help your kids manage screens, social media, and video games? Here are some tips to get you started! When my kids were young, I was envious of other families who had movie nights. I imagined them cuddled up under

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How to talk to kids about race and racism

How to talk to kids about race and racism

It’s never too early to start talking to kids about race and racism. These tips will help you get the conversation started.   Saraa D. Lee, MSW, LCSW, shares her tips for talking about race with our kids. Check out her website Pacific Burnout Therapy or on Facebook. Conversations about

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Overcoming the parenting pressure to raise a good human.

Overcoming the Pressure to Produce a Good Human

We all want to raise children who are well-behaved, thoughtful, and intelligent, but sometimes we miss the fact that we’re already raising a good human. All eyes are on you. The room is silent. Embarrassment floods your body. You want to grab your child and run out the door –

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A sample script to use when you talk with your children about the COVID 19 virus

How to Talk with Your Children about COVID-19

The pandemic has exhausted all of us. I know we’re tired of talking about it, but as things change, it may be important to revisit these conversations with our kids. Our lives have changed since March 2020.  And while our perspectives and beliefs about the pandemic may be vastly different,

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If you're tired of being an angry parent, here are 5 steps to head you in a positive direction.

I’m Tired of Being an Angry Parent! Where Do I Start?

Five steps to move your parenting in a positive direction. No extra guilt. No added judgment. Tips any anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, or angry parent can use right away! It’s time. You’re ready to make a change to your parenting. Great! Before you get extremely overwhelmed, pause and take a deep

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Child development can't be rushed, but parents have a powerful influence through perseverance

The Power of Perseverance in Parenting

Child development is a slow process. It’s not easy to parent through difficult stages and phases. Unfortunately, you cannot rush maturity. In parenting, there’s power in perseverance.  The other day, I ordered something online and it was delivered less than 24 hours later. What?! I mean, I like fast shipping,

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Growing in your parenting can happen any time of the year. Use this tip to make an effective resolution.

How to make an effective parenting resolution (Any Time of the Year)

Good parents look for ways to grow and improve their parenting any time of the year.  Use this tip to make an effective resolution – even if it’s not New Year’s Eve. The pressure to make parenting resolutions usually comes around January 1st each year. But, the decision to make

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