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Parents need permission slips too! Here are 11 phrases every positive parent needs to know.

Permission Slips Every Parent Needs

It’s easy to slip into thinking you “should” parent in a certain way or you “should” be able to manage a certain challenging behavior. But, the truth is, we are imperfect parents doing the best we can with the information we have. Today, I encourage you to write yourself a

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5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Listen the First Time

Stop repeating yourself 1,000 times. Stop bribing or threatening your kids to listen. Use these tips to encourage your kids to listen the first time you ask them to do something.  You’re tired of repeating yourself 1000 times. You’re tired of the constant arguing — the disagreeing with everything you

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Here are 9 ways to improve cooperation from your kids

9 ways to improve cooperation from your kids

Tired of arguing, begging and bribing your kids to help out around the house..or do anything you ask? These 9 tips will help you improve the cooperation from your kids. You’re standing at the kitchen island as your kids stampede away into the other room. They grab video game controllers

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10 tips to use when your child avoids taking responsibility or talking about what they did wrong.

When Kids Don’t Want to Talk About What They Did Wrong

You believe it’s important that your child admit their mistakes and own up to behavior that hurts others or is unacceptable. Unfortunately, when you try to talk to them, you get resistance – blame, avoidance, and “I don’t know.” Here are some tips to try when your child doesn’t want

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Everything you need to know about parenting toddlers and preschoolers.

How to absolutely love parenting toddlers (everything you need to know and more!)

The toddler and preschool years can be exhausting and overwhelming, but don’t believe the hype – parenting toddlers doesn’t have to be terrible! In fact, you can even enjoy this stage. (It’s true!) Use these tips to help you discipline, manage tantrums, avoid power struggles and parent your toddler with

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Be ready next time your child is aggressive, anxious, or struggling with big emotions, Use these tips to create a plan in advance so you will be ready to support your child.

How to prepare for your child’s next high-intensity meltdown

How to Prepare for Your Intense Child’s Next Meltdown Glancing at the clock, you mentally cross your fingers. You’re parenting alone tonight and your energy is running low. It would be great if your child made it to bedtime without a meltdown. For your sake. For your other children’s sake.

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5 Ordinary Opportunities for Amazing Connection with your Tween

Keep the relationship with your tween strong and healthy using these everyday activities and simple connection opportunities. Connecting with little kids often means getting on the floor to play Legos or Barbies. A game of chase or a quiet snuggle was just part of the daily routine. Now your child

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Positive parenting works for toddlers and preschoolers too. Check out these 5 benefits!

Positive Parenting for Toddlers: 5 Amazing Benefits

Little kids don’t need harsh discipline like timeouts or threats to behave. Positive parenting for toddlers and preschoolers works – even if your kids are too young to talk! It’s not too early to set a positive, respectful foundation for parenting in your home. (And it’s not too late to

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5 confidence-boosting questions to help you parent at your best (when things are at their worst)

5 Confidence-boosting questions to ask when your child acts out

These 5 questions help you feel confident, calm, and prepared to teach your child using positive, respectful parenting strategies. Let’s be honest. In the middle of a meltdown, my first question is: “How do I get them to calm down?” In the middle of a disagreement, my goal is: “How

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OK, we're calm. How do I talk to my kids about their misbehavior? Here are some tips!

The most effective way to teach your child a lesson

Things are out of control. I can’t let them get away with this! How do I make sure my kids know their behavior is wrong? These tips will help you teach your child a lesson in a respectful and productive way – and at a time when they are willing

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