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10 tips to help you have a respectful conversation about positive parenting

10 Tips for a Respectful Conversation about Positive Parenting

Sharing your parenting philosophy and strategies with friends and family isn’t always an easy task. Here are 10 tips to help you have a respectful conversation about positive parenting – even if the other person doesn’t agree! There’s nothing like a holiday party to bring on the hard conversations. Your

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Obedience is important. But these 3 things matter more than your child's obedience.

3 things that matter more than your child’s obedience

We all want kids who obey (preferably with a cheerful attitude). When that doesn’t happen, we panic. What if, we took obedience off its pedestal and focused on laying a strong foundation instead? Here are three things that matter more than your child’s obedience. A child’s obedience is like the

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Having trouble staying calm? You can learn from your anger and parent with calm confidence. Learn more!

Angry parents: How to learn from your anger

Tired of responding to your kids with anger? Want to stay calm, but continue yelling instead? You’re not alone. Use these tips to learn from your anger and move forward in a positive direction.  You’ve heard a lot about being calm: It’s the best way to make a decision. It’s

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How to Handle Homework Resistance Like a Pro

You’ve tried everything – bribes, threats, rewards – and your child still has a meltdown when it’s time for homework. Use these tips to reduce homework resistance and solve those homework battles once and for all! The math packet is due tomorrow. He’s had 4 days to work on it.

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Bedtime Routine Solutions You Can Use Tonight

You don’t have to dread bedtime! Use this list to create a bedtime routine solution that works for your unique child.  Bedtime. That horrendous time of day when you are exhausted, and yet, your kids seem to have a never-ending supply of energy. When all you want to do is

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Common Bedtime Challenges (and How to Avoid Them)

If bedtime battles have you feeling stuck, this list of common bedtime challenges may help you understand why bedtime is so difficult – and what you can do to encourage a peaceful bedtime routine in your home.  Before your hand is on the doorknob, little footsteps are right behind you.

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5 important brain facts every parent needs to know

5 Important Brain Facts Every Parent Needs to Know

Understanding how the brain works and how it impacts behavior can help you be a better parent. Keep these brain facts in mind next time your child shows a big feeling, or better yet, teach your kids about these important brain processes. I always feel like I need to make

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Parents need permission slips too! Here are 11 phrases every positive parent needs to know.

Permission Slips Every Parent Needs

It’s easy to slip into thinking you “should” parent in a certain way or you “should” be able to manage a certain challenging behavior. But, the truth is, we are imperfect parents doing the best we can with the information we have. Today, I encourage you to write yourself a

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5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Listen the First Time

Stop repeating yourself 1,000 times. Stop bribing or threatening your kids to listen. Use these tips to encourage your kids to listen the first time you ask them to do something.  You’re tired of repeating yourself 1000 times. You’re tired of the constant arguing — the disagreeing with everything you

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Here are 9 ways to improve cooperation from your kids

9 ways to improve cooperation from your kids

Tired of arguing, begging and bribing your kids to help out around the house..or do anything you ask? These 9 tips will help you improve the cooperation from your kids. You’re standing at the kitchen island as your kids stampede away into the other room. They grab video game controllers

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