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Raise a kid who can cope with challenges

Thanks to Janine Halloran for this guest post, check out her bio for links to some fantastic coping resources for kids! What images spring to mind when you hear the word “childhood”? When I first think of childhood, I imagine running through sprinklers on a hot summer day, giggles in

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Teaching Kids Be Mindful About Their Needs

We’re heading home from the science museum. It’s been a busy morning. We observed, investigated, played, and learned for hours. It was also loud, crowded, and involved tons of walking. “When we get home, we’re going to have some quiet time,” I say, hoping this will counteract the effects of

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A child can struggle with separation anxiety at any age, here are 7 tips to help you and your child manage these big feelings.

Supporting Your Child Through Separation Anxiety

All you want to do is run to the store. Alone. Please!? Unfortunately, your 18-month-old has other plans. Scrambling to break free of her dad’s embrace, desperate to stay with you. Years later, you’re confronted with the same behavior. Only now, your child is 6 and hanging on for dear life as

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10 Things Every Child Needs to Know About Thoughts and Feelings

Your daughter slams her backpack on the table and rustles through the fridge for a snack. You know something’s not right, but when you ask, she responds with, “Nothing.” Ugh. Why can’t she just tell you what’s going on? Unfortunately, thoughts and feelings can be complicated. They can leave your

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5 Hidden messages in your intense child's words. How to respond when your child says, "I hate you" or "I can't calm down!" and more!

5 hidden messages in your intense child’s words (and how to respond)

The kicking on the back of your seat is getting more intense. “That’s enough!” you say, glancing at the grimacing face in the back seat. “You can’t make me!” she responds, kicking harder now. Your muscles tense. You hold your breath. You want to scream, “Oh, I can too make

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Empower your anxious or angry child by teaching them about their brain using this simple script!

What anxious and angry kids need to know about their brain

“Settle down,” you say above the screaming. It sounds more like a threat than a caring suggestion. “I don’t know how!” your child jeers back. You shake your head, sighing. How many times do you need to remind her to take a deep breath when she’s upset? Obviously, something’s missing

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A radically different way to respond when your child is aggressive or acts out.

Aggressive Kids: Positive Discipline for Amazing Results

Learn how shame impacts the behavior of aggressive kids. These positive parenting tips will help you get to the root of the problem and begin to free your child from negative self-talk, anger, and acting out. The meticulously created Lego creation smashes against the wall and shatters into a hundred

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3 tips to help your child manage their anxiety and worries!

3 Tips to Help Kids Cope with Anxiety (Storms, Darkness and Spiders – Oh My!)

I’m thrilled to welcome Janine Halloran back for this guest post. If your child struggles with anxiety, stress, or anger, you need to check out her new workbook: Coping Skills for Kids, which includes 75 strategies and ideas to try at home. It’s close to midnight when the storms that have

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Does My Child or Teen Need Therapy?

Red, scratchy throat. Strep test. Squinting at the chalkboard. Time for glasses! Obsessive worry about spiders. Angry outbursts at the drop of a hat. Constant arguing with teachers. Umm… Many parents have a “feeling” that their child is struggling but don’t know how to help. Instead of hoping that things blow

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3 ways movement and mindfulness can reduce stress in your child!

3 Ways Movement and Mindfulness Can Reduce Stress in Kids

Thanks to, Michelle Paget, LCSW, RYT, for sharing three ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your family life! In the busy and over-scheduled world we live in, it is hard to find a moment to pause and just be. It’s the feeling we get when we arrive at our destination

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