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You know your acting out, melting down child needs your attention, but what about the siblings? How do you support your kids when their siblings struggle with big emotions?

It’s not fair, and that’s ok. Supporting your children when a sibling is struggling.

The tantrum has been in full force for at least 20 minutes and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. While you’re doing your best to manage the situation, you glance over and see two sets of wide eyes peering at you from across the room. You’re torn.

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Is sibling rivalry driving you nuts? Tired of the arguing? Your response matters. Learn how you may be causing sibling rivalry (and how to stop!)

10 Ways to Reduce Sibling Rivalry in Your Home

Your daughter crawls over and takes your son’s toy car. He freaks out. Grabbing the car back from the baby. She starts to cry. You swoop in to intervene. Cradling her while you glare at your son, you say, “She’s just a baby. She doesn’t know better.” Setting your daughter

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What to say when your child says, "I'm stupid" or "No one loves me." Plus, ideas for creating a positive atmosphere in your home!

How to Respond to Your Child’s Negative Self-Talk

No parent wants to hear their child say, “I’m dumb” or “I’m stupid,” or even worse, “No one loves me.” Rather than panicking or minimizing their experience, use these tips to respond to your child’s negative self-talk. “I’m so dumb,” your child mumbles at the kitchen table. He bangs his fist

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Positive parenting tips for managing your anger, helping your angry or anxious child, decreasing power struggles and disciplining with confidence!

Top Positive Parenting Posts of 2015

Thank you for being part of the Imperfect Families community. I am honored that you visit my page and hope that these posts bring you encouragement as you use positive parenting with your kids. Remember – we are all imperfect families. Sometimes, we rock this parenting thing. Sometimes, we act

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How to help your anxious child: a guide for parents

The bedtime battles. The doctor’s office meltdowns. The tears. Parenting a child with anxiety can be hard.  You wish you could wave a magic wand and make all of their worries disappear. There is hope! Use these posts to help you parent your child through their worries, teach a variety

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Connect with your kids through art! Use these 8 art journaling prompts to get started art journaling with your kids today!

Art Journaling with kids

Sometimes talking with our kids is like pulling teeth. It’s not always easy for kids to put their thoughts and feelings into words. Art is a fantastic tool for connecting and communicating with our kids! Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio is back to help you  use art journaling with

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Help Your Energetic or Distracted Child Focus

You’ve probably lost count of the times you have given your son a simple command, like “Go clean your room,” only to find him (minutes later) jumping on his bed, surrounded by toys. Obviously no cleaning has occurred. Instead, like every time before, he got sidetracked. Distracted. It’s challenging to

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Many parents rescue their anxious child instead of helping them deal with the feeling until it fades. Learn how to support your child using the "anxiety arch" explanation

Do you make this mistake with your anxious child?

    Sam has been afraid of dogs since he was 2 years old. A dog knocked him over on the playground and he felt scared. Now, 5 years later, he still avoids every dog he sees. Since you hate for him to feel anxious, you’ve taken the role of

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How to Manage Toddler Tantrums

  The car seat never used to be a problem. You’d plop your infant into the seat, and away you’d go. Suddenly, going anywhere in the car means that you’ll first have to endure an epic toddler tantrum. What happened? Where did your sweet little baby go? Toddler tantrums can

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13 Helpful Phrases to Calm Your Anxious Child

    Thanks to Lemon Lime Adventures for allowing me to guest post about childhood anxiety today! If your child struggles with anxiety, you know the challenge of finding the right things to say when he or she is worried. It’s not easy to connect without making the fears worse,

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